Where do you ship from?

Vienna, Austria


Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we do. We want to spread our message - and our clothes - all around the globe!


What is your return policy?

You can return your orders within 14 days. 

Keep in mind: Be conscious and only order what you actually want and wear. Shipping and returning is wasting packaging material and emits CO2, which is bad for the environment. Of course, if something doesn’t fit you, we are happy to reprocess and find a new home for it!


Are all clothing items altered?

No, not all of them! Some items already look super stylish (thanks to grandma for the fashion inspo!) Also, who doesn’t like clothes in a unique vintage look...!?


Where do you purchase your thrifted goods from?

Local charities, Volkshilfe (a nonprofit, nonpartisan and nondenominational charity) and flea markets.


How many pieces of every item are available?

In most cases there is only one piece available since all of the pieces are unique thrifted treasures <3
Sometimes we're able to sew two new designs from one thrifted find so there will also be pieces with a higher quantity. And of course there are also some super rare cases when we get lucky and stumble across the same piece at different purchases!


Which wrapping material do you use?

Good question! 
Our mission doesn't end with our clothing, we also try our best to keep the shipping process as sustainable as possible.
We ship our second hand fashion in cardboard packages and only use adhesive tape made out of paper! The additional wrapping for the individual pieces are also made of paper as well as the hygiene stickers for swimwear.
Every single order will also come with a little thank you card which ( is also made out of paper who'd have guessed) is a seed paper which means you can actually PLANT the card and watch something beautiful grow out of it.


Where can I get more information on sustainability?

To find out more about us in terms of sustainability and our brand in general, visit the About Us“ section!


Do you have a size chart?

Unfortunately, we don’t. Since all of our pieces are thrifted or vintage, we are only able to put up the sizes of the garments themselves and our models. A lot of clothing pieces also vary between sizes, because of how you want them to fit and the material it’s made of. Currently we're running sizes between EU 34-42 but are planning on specifically going for bigger or smaller sizes too if the demand is there.


Do you also have a men’s section?

Currently not... But depending on the demand, we would love to dive into the world of sustainable men’s wear in the future. However, some pieces are unisex, so everyone’s able to find their own second hand treasure here!