Cotton: Our organic cotton fabrics come from suppliers who adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).It has breathable and moisture-absorbing properties, and it requires fewer pesticides, less water, and the production of fewer greenhouse gases than conventionally grown cotton.

Threads: We use both organic cotton and recycled polyester threads based on the design of the product and sample production feedback. The organic cotton threads tend to break easier so we decided to use  recycled polyester threads for critical seams to last longer.

Brand labels: Our brand labels are made from recycled polyester.

Care labels: Our care labels are made from recycled polyester.

Trimmings: Unfortunately trimmings like magnetic buttons or small metal hooks are not sustainably sourced since the global demand at the moment seems to be so low that no company specified on creating these metal trimmings in a sustainable way

Packaging: We ship our pieces in biodegradable poly bags wrapped in tissue paper, hold together by a self designed and self printed paper sticker. Our orders come either with a hand stamped thank you card or (when you are shopping in our vintage section) with a plantable thank you note which grows herbs and wild flowers. 

Logistics: we are currently packing all orders ourselves and ship via dpd