Reward and Referral program

We would like to introduce you to our reward system, with which you are able to collect points with every purchase to redeem them for rewards like discounts. We call those points Soul Points.

☺︎ Have a look and join to redeem your Soul Points for interesting rewards ☺︎

Reward program

How to:

• Click the reward button on the lower right hand corner of our website and sign up to the reward program.

• There are different ways to earn Soul Points besides ordering from us, such as following our Instagram Account, sharing our website on Facebook etc.

Referral program

How to:

• Sign up for our reward system and copy the link provided under Referrals.

• Now send it to as many friends as you want.

• When your friends use the URL they only have to enter their Email and they get 5€ off their order.

• After they purchased something, you will get a 5€ off coupon as well.